A Millennial’s Manifesto

Brittany Fontoura


Paint me like a feminist 

With unshaved legs

Who kisses other women who hate men


Or maybe as an American

Who is ignorant to think

The world is run by celebrity


Celebrities who make millions

Who have minimal talent

And a fake face

A face with blistered puffy lips

And a plastic shimmer


Or maybe as a liberal snowflake

Who has ruined the real estate industry

And weddings and self-discipline 

Because I won’t wipe my filthy face with a napkin


Or I’ll just take a photo of myself

Just to show off how I don’t look

How I act upon making

Everything about me


But I can send hopes and prayers to stop wars

And cause no wars with guns

Guns that go off in churches

And schools where you learn nothing


A generation full of knowledge

Wasted on the pointless

Screaming out for attention

And gripping onto nothing

The nothing of reality TV

That shows just how no one lives


But please paint me like a feminist

Who fights for equal rights and equal pay

Who spreads the knowledge she learned

In a life well fought


Or like the American

Who is lost in a failing country

Ruled by no one


A nation divided by the far left

And alt right

But no one cares that the kids aren’t all right

Carpooling to schools only to be sent back home

From yet another active shooter 


Paint me as someone who will vote for change

Change that no one wanted to understand

As they tried to silence yells of ‘me too’

And didn’t care about all the lives that they say mattered


Paint me as the change in the world

That comes in many colors and genders

Who will never forget

What has been forgotten