Breakup Landmarks

Rachel Wielgopolski


see the words

on your phone

through stinging, blurry eyes


furious scribbles in pen

smudging the cursive

that asks for her back


boxing the last things

you’ll send to her,

poems and apologies and tears


bitter words from her semi-sweet lips

as she loves you, but not like that

no one can hear you cry in your car



deleting her number

blocking her from Facebook

a month after the goodbye


a failed rebound date

ends in tears and anger

you still love her


no more poetry inspired by her

you drown in silence

as you pray for a new muse


the ice thins –

cavern-deep aches –

if I could say –


too many drinks, not enough water

drunken messages sent

to a very old friend


he remembers you

he wants to see you, too

why were you so upset again?