Hot Water

Michelle Chavez

(Taking a deep breath, the smells of cooking waft through the air, spices and beans dominating, with some sweet notes of sugar and bread. The room is crowded, but

cozy, soft. It’s a den used for hibernation, waiting for the new sun to come out. On the couch is Anita, her eyes closed and arms spread. She is tired, but satisfied after coming home from a deep conversation. Off to the side we see her mother cooking, putting rolled up tamales into a large pot.)

Kim is in danger of losing her job because she hasn’t shown up in several days. She has worried herself sick to the point where she hasn’t been able to leave her room, but she knows that she has to. She attempts to argue and bargain with her depression and anxiety, represented by Katharine Hepburn and Benjamin Franklin, respectively. Katharine wants to keep her in. Benjamin pushes her to go out—neither of them are right and Kim has to figure out a way to decide for herself without letting either of them take over.