Rachel Wielgopolski


the rose-and-lily scent of her garden eyes calls to me

like the sight of a freshly fading rainbow after a storm.

I ache for her soft-spoken hand in mine again

like I ache for the sight of warm sunshine.

her smile smells cotton-fresh, same as the full moon

and her lips feel like my own.

the silky touch of the constellations

has nothing on her nighttime hair.

she smells like a downpour: I need no shelter

from her beautiful raindrops on my face


her roots dig into the dirt of me

I ache to stay motionless

her petal mouth is aloe

to a burned-before cheek

her silent words promise she’ll stay

but she’s no pine: the leaves fade


I know her teardrops echo a shattering joy

her sobs taste like mine

the ache in her chest mirrors the shards embedding me


and I once had a soulmate

whose love looked like heartbreak

and whose misery becomes me