For Janice

Rachel Wielgopolski

Your mailbox is full of condolence letters

for your sons

and unpaid bills…

You’re disappointed in me—

            drooped mouth, mute eyes—

                        but you hide it well….

It’s getting a call at 2 AM that I remember.

A parking valet looking at my stick-shift like it’s

            a spaceship…


Nicholas Goodwin

I’m trapped in a black tube, eyes darting left to right (at least what I think is left to right)

My eyes have betrayed me, my mind left to guide me out of the impenetrable darkness…

Ode to an Empty Seat

Rachel Wielgopolski

A party of seven gets

Seated at a table for eight….

Real women do it all
Homecoming queen, playin’ in the band
Raisin’ kids, raisin’ corn
Two steppin’ with her beau…

Real women

Kim Adamson


Late 18th century: from Italian amatore, from Latin amator ‘lover,’ from amare ‘to love”…

amateur poems

Kimberly Schleder

Paint me like a feminist 

With unshaved legs

Who kisses other women who hate men…

What starts in chaos
Ends in chaos
That's what they all say
Like barbed wire teeth…


Pamela Snure

The daughter with the well-kept hair,

The daughter with the great sense of style,

The daughter with the acne free face…


Andrea Abdale

That feeling in my stomach

That solid hollow feeling

I feel you in there, my deserted gift…


Tamara Drake

(I)                Waxing Crescent

 There was a woman unwell,

the housemaids would tell,

her toes and fingertips…


Kimberly Schleder

If Portland was my boyfriend

He would wake me up every morning with a cup of coffee

That I would love even if it was too strong…

the rose-and-lily scent of her garden eyes calls to me

like the sight of a freshly fading rainbow after a storm.

I ache for her soft-spoken hand in mine again…


Rachel Wielgopolski

The color of love is gray

not the silver-gray like the moon

or wispy gray clouds before a storm…


Rachel Wielgopolski

I let you go

as the shutter

clicked. Your breath…

Polaroid love

Juliana Wall

In a darkened attic with silhouetted light

A puppet finds a lonely chest

In the chest, a silken dress…

puppet’s dress

Tamara Drake

Coat the walls with eggshell white

watch it drip onto the carpet.

more paint.

wash everything…


Katriel Chehade

Bees have no concept of June

during March’s final frosts.

Biting breezes, frozen mud

leech lifeblood from the moss…

the rite of spring

Kimberly Schleder

see the words

on your phone

through stinging, blurry eyes…

breakup landmarks

Rachel Wielgopolski

She came from a dust-covered land.

                                                               Scarlet lips drip noxious elixirs into young ears.  

                    Reviving oppressed areas of men’s brains… 

Sister sin

Amanda Connell

you can feed your future without starving your past

you do not need to dig the roots up from the soil that you were once planted from

accept that the soil provided for you…

How Seeds Grow

Hope Wolbach